The component tab

The project switcher

When you select a component from the navigation panel, its will show in the component panel.

The panel is made of the component path, number of versions, thumbnail and a note.

  • Save a thumbnail - click on the small disc icon at the top left corner of the thumbnail.
  • Save or edit note - double click the note area.


The version tab will display all the versions of the component.

  • Open version - click the open button to load requested version.

    The project switcher

    • If the version is already loaded a reload button will appear.
  • Save note - double click the + balloon.

Additionally we can see the file size, save time & data and the user that saved the version (For project's with users).

Save version

  • Save version - Save the current maya file as a new version.
  • Save only selection - Save the current selection as a new version.
    • You can choose to save with with all connection or just textures.
  • Save from file - Select a file to save as the new version.

Version actions menu

The project switcher

Right click on a version to invoke the menu

  • Reference version # into the current scene - Reference the selected version onto the current open scene.
  • Import version # into the current scene - Import the selected version onto the current open scene.
  • Delete - Delete's the selected version
  • Explore - Open the finder / explorer window on the current selected item.

Masters & Playblasts

  • Master - Unversioned file with the 'MASTER' suffix.
  • Master versions


In playblasts tab, the open button is replaced with a play button to launch the video in the defult video player.

The project switcher

If we want to revert our master file to an older version, we can use the revert action.

The project switcher