Pipeline menu

Some of Pipeline features are accessed only through the pipeline menu.

The project switcher


  • Pipeline window - brings up the pipeline window
  • Pipeline actions - Pipeline saving options


    Tear off this menu to have quick access to the saving buttons when the pipeline window is hidden.

    The project switcher


  • Preset manager - brings up the preset manager
  • Playblast options - brings up the Playblast options


    Playblasting from Pipeline on windows machines is unstable, especially if no H264 codecs are installed. This will be fixed soon.


  • Reload Pipeline - Pipeline is constantly being developed and might contain bugs.
    if you experience issues when running pipeline try using the reload command.


    Please consider reporting bugs to liorbenhorin@gmail.com.
    Try to describe the steps to recreate the problem, and include the output from the script editor.
    Any additional information can help: Operation system, Maya version, etc.
    Thank you!